24" KAHUA Concert Spalted Maple Ukulele

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  • Model : KA-24SM
    Category : Ukuleles

    The Ukulele, sometimes abbreviated to “Uke”, is one of the smaller members of the guitar family of instruments.  Historically, this instrument employed strings made from natural gut, but over the years, technology has introduced nylon or “synthetic gut” strings for the ukulele for improved durability without sacrificing sound quality.  

    The Hawaiian word “Ukulele” is derived from the word “uke” meaning a gift and “lele” meaning “to come”.  There is also another translation of “ukulele” meaning “dancing flea”, perhaps a reference to the finger plucking action when played.  Since the late 1800s, the ukulele has undergone many transformations and has adapted itself to numerous style of music.  It is certainly an instrument that is appreciated and played all over the world, especially in recent years where it has gained enormous popularity.

    IQ Plus ukuleles will help children explore elements of music including melody, harmony, rhythm, form, tempo, dynamics, and tone.  Areas of skill include singing, picking, strumming, ear training, sight-reading, improvising, music theory, harmonizing and arranging music.  Children will learn simple songs they can play right away for a feeling accomplishment.  Due to its ease to learn and play, this instrument will encourage practice time at home and a desire to learn more songs.  Making music with the ukulele in a classroom environment has proven to be an excellent interactive learning experience for students and teachers.  


    IQ Plus Ukulele Features: 


    -  IQ Plus Ukuleles are easy to learn and play, providing a sense of instant gratification for music beginners

    -  Constructed of superior quality materials for the best sound

    -  Various models expertly crafted from a selection of environmentally friendly woods

    -  Comes equipped with 4 high quality synthetic gut nylon strings (G, C, E, A)

    -  Available in 2 sizes - Soprano (21”) and Concert (24”)

    -  An excellent interactive classroom instrument for students and teachers