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  • Model : IQ-W061-00
    Category : Sound Effects

    The Kokiriko is a traditional Japanese percussion instrument that was historically used for traditional ceremonies.  IQ Plus’ version of this instrument is highly attractive, and children are naturally drawn to both its unique look and sound.  They can play our kokirikos in various ways due to its flexible construction.  As the handles move, dozens of small rectangular wooden blocks hit each other in succession, creating captivatingly active rhythms very similar in sound to a row of dominoes falling.  Moving hands more forcefully will make a louder clattering sound.

    Children can play this instrument alone or with others by holding each handle and moving the hands.  Teachers can use this instrument to teach students about rhythm, as well as movement and cooperation.  This instrument is an excellent sound effect maker and makes a great addition to any percussion setup. 


    IQ Plus Kokiriko Features:


    -  Wooden slats connected by a leather belt

    -  Producing crisp, cascading sounds similar to dominoes falling, IQ Plus Kokirikos can create an interesting variety of rhythmic effects

    -  Improves motor skills and rhythmic understanding

    -  Very light weight and easy to carry around (0.42kg)