Green Ratchet

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  • Model : IQ-W073-01
    Category : Sound Effects

    The ratchet (also called a noisemaker) is an orchestral musical instrument played by percussionists.  It was used in instances where a particular loud sound is needed.  In some European traditions, ratchets were used for festive occasions and in celebrating.

    The handle is held and the whole mechanism is swung around, the momentum causing the board to click against the gearwheel, resulting in rapid clicking and rattling sounds.  The IQ Plus ratchet is a fun addition to any music group or classroom.  It is a great hands-on instrument for children and very effective as an ambient noisemaker.  Kids will love the big noise brought on by simple swings of their arm and also learn more about timing and implementing those sounds into music.  


    IQ Plus Ratchet Features:


    -  Constructed from environmentally-friendly rubber wood

    -  Produces loud, crisp clicking sounds by swinging the instrument in a circular motion

    -  Highly durable and easily portable (weighs 0.06kg)

    -  Improves children’s motor skills and rhythmic timing