Red & Blue Wooden Guiro Shaker

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  • Model : IQ-W010-01
    Category : Shakers

    The Guiro is a traditional Latin American percussion instrument which is believed to have originated with the Taino people.  It plays a key role in the typical Cumbia rhythm section.  Like maracas, guiros are usually played by the band’s singer and is used to add accents to a song’s rhythm.  The instrument’s rasping sounds are frequently used in salsa bands everywhere.

    Children can play the IQ Plus Guiro Shaker by holding it in the left hand and keep the instrument in place.  The other hand holds the scraper and rubs the instrument with the stick.  Playing the guiro usually requires both short and long sounds which are made by scraping both up and down in long and short strokes.

    This versatile instrument also allows children to play it as a shaker, by simply rocking it in a back and forth motion.  The small beads inside the guiro will crash against the insides and make different sounds depending on movements created.  This will allow children to practice their hearing ability and develop their musical creativity.  It is an excellent interactive instrument for music classrooms or can be used as a fun instrument played at home between family members to enjoy making music together.


    IQ Plus Guiro Shaker Features:


    -  Excellent interactive classroom instrument for students and teachers

    -  Encourages cooperation and teamwork among students that form part of a band

    -  Comes with a wooden stick included and creates a dry rasping sound when rubbed along the ridges of the guiro

    -  Constructed of environmentally-friendly rubber wood

    -  Very light weight and durable (weighs 0.13kg)

    -  Available in two different color combinations (yellow & green, red & blue)