3" Red Aluminium Shaker

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  • Model : IQ-A001-00
    Category : Shakers

    IQ Plus Aluminum Shakers are great for children to play with and along to any kind of music.  It will help them learn to keep time when performing to a music piece with their band.  It provides crisp and sharp sounds that provide the perfect complement to any musical genre.

    Created from high quality aluminum, these shakers are available in two sizes and colors.  Extremely light-weight and durable, the aluminum shakers are an ideal instrument to carry along to any musical setting, or just having fun with friends!


    IQ Plus Aluminium Shaker Features: 


    -  Constructed of high quality aluminum

    -  Provides sharp and crisp sounds, a perfect complement to any genre of music

    -  Very light weight where children can hold and play as long as they please

    -  Highly durable

    -  Available in two sizes (3” and 5”) and two colors (red and blue)