Rainbow Music Hand Bells (IQ-PS008-00)

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  • Model : IQ-PS008-00
    Category : Percussion Sets

    Hand bells are percussion instruments that originated in England in the 17th century.  They were originally used in religious ceremonies, but presently their use extends to secular groups as well.

    Making music with our IQ Plus hand bells is easy.  Simply hold the bell by the handle and shake it back and forth to make the hinged clapper inside strike the bell, creating a musical note.  Children will hear the different tuned notes ranging from C to higher C when ringing the different bells.  They will quickly discover the association between the different colored bells and the note that it creates, allowing them to create songs on the spot!  

    Playing with our hand bells will help children learn basic musical skills such as pitch and hearing ability.  Furthermore, they are encouraged to use their creativity to create their own songs while playing with these bells.


    IQ Plus Music Hand Bells Feature:


    -  The set includes eight different hand bells (different colors)

    -  Bells perfectly tuned to notes from C to higher C

    -  Attractive designs and colors which will attract children to pick up and play

    -  Each hand bell weights 1.0kg