Rainbow Music Desk Bells (IQ-PS008-01)

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  • Model : IQ-PS008-01
    Category : Percussion Sets

    IQ Plus Rainbow Music Desk Bells are excellent for teaching children the basics of musical education.  This set includes eight different colored desk bells with different notes ranging from C to higher C, each produced simply by pushing the button on the top of the bell.  Since learning notes is an essential skill for children’s basic music education, this instrument set is very useful for children as it teaches musical notes with a fun, engaging experience.

    Ideally, this set of instruments can be used as interactive instruments in music classrooms or can be played at home just for fun.  Children will cultivate many essential skills while they have fun playing with this set of bells.  To create songs, children must recognize which color bell produces which note.  That will naturally help develop their memory skills and hand-eye coordination.


    IQ Plus Rainbow Music Desk Bells Feature: 


    -  Unique and colorful design which will attract children to play and learn simultaneously

    -  Suitable for children of all ages

    -  Each bell is light-weight (1.0kg) and very durable

    -  Comes in a set of eight bells, each representing a note on a musical scale

    -  A very fun and engaging way for children to learn music!