Plastic Percussion Set in Plastic Case (IQ-PS013-00)

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  • Model : IQ-PS013-00
    Category : Percussion Sets

    Having a hard time choosing which of your favorite IQ Plus instruments to take with you to school or a drum circle?  Why not bring them all!

    The IQ Plus Plastic Percussion Set in Plastic Case comes with a pre-selected assortment of most iconic plastic made IQ Plus instruments.  The high durability pastic case lets you carry the instruments to class without worrying about the instruments inside while traveling, it provides a secure space for all the instruments when they are not used.   

    An ideal instrument set for a music classroom setting, where this set will provide many students with collaborative instruments to play together and stored safely when they are not being used.  This Plastic Case Set comes with the following instruments: Tube Shaker, Orange Shaker, Banana Shaker, a pair of Egg Shakers, Little Yellow Plastic Maracas, and Bird Sound Maker.


    IQ Plus Percussion Set in Plastic Case Features:

    -  Constructed of high-durable plastic case protecting the delicate instruments and easily portable, allowing children to carry their favorite IQ Plus instruments anywhere!

    -  Comes with 6 of the most popular IQ Plus plastic hand-held percussion instruments