Music Set in Wooden Case 04

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  • Model : IQ-PS006-04
    Category : Percussion Sets

    This music set features three instruments (cabasa, energy chime, and triangle) that are ideal choices to be played accompanying the melodic sounds of glockenspiel.  An excellent combination of small percussion instruments that develop children’s motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and rhythmic timing.  All of these instruments are ideal for playing along as part of a percussion band.

    Comes inside a case made from environmentally friendly rubber wood for easy storage.


    IQ Plus Music Case in Wooden Case Features: 


    -  This music set includes: 1 octave glockenspiel, small cabasa, SC energy chime, and 4”triangle

    -  All instruments help to develop children’s musical skills and encourage them to play together in a group, making it ideal for a music class

    -  Comes with a case made from environmentally friendly rubber wood (dimensions:  36cm x 27cm x 8cm)