Large Wrist Bells (IQ-M021-01)

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  • Model : IQ-M021-01
    Category : Melodic Instruments

     Introduce your child to the world of percussion with IQ Plus wrist bells.  This instrument provides fun and entertainment in a small, light package that can be worn comfortably on the wrist or ankle.  Any movement wearing the wrist bell, either by playing other instruments, or simply dancing, will create bright jingle sounds that will complement the music. 

    This instrument is an ideal complementary item to any musical set up or classroom as it blends effortlessly in without having to pay any attention to it in order to make sounds.  The bright sounding jingles will do all the work when affixed to a child’s wrist or ankle with the durable nylon strap. 


    IQ Plus Wrist Bells Features: 


    -  Provides bright jingle sounds with any type of movement either playing another instrument or dancing

    -  Easy to strap around children’s wrists with adjustable colorful nylon bands

    -  Available in 4 different colors (blue, green, red, yellow)