4-Key Log Drum with Mallets (IQ-W069-00)

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  • Model : IQ-W069-00
    Category : Melodic Instruments

    Various versions of Log Drums have been found throughout history used for different purposes.  Aztecs used them to accompany dances and spoken poetry in religious rituals whereas in other regions, they were sometimes used as a long-distance means of communication.  In ancient civilizations, log drums were often considered to have magical spiritual powers.  This instrument is highly popular among professional percussionists, music therapists, or as a tool used by many story tellers.

    IQ Plus’ 4-key log drums project warm tones when played.  They offer unlimited possibilities ranging from methodical playing to uninhabited playing pleasure.  Children can easily play without restrictions and it requires no prior knowledge of music to be able to generate the right sound.  This helps children to hone the creative parts of their minds while learning to differentiate low and high tones by ear, which is essential for music learning at the early age.


    IQ Plus 4 Keys Log Drum with Mallets features: 


    -  Constructed of environmentally friendly rubber wood with no sharp edges

    -  Provides 4 different tones ranging from low to high

    -  Durable and light weight (1.0kg)

    -  Comes equipped with a pair of wooden mallets