Mini Rakatak

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  • Model : IQ-W062-01
    Category : Hand-held Percussion

    The Rakatak is a percussion instrument that originated in the West African country of Ghana.  It is made of several calabash gourd shells attached to a long, narrow wooden shaft joined to another thicker piece of wood at a 90-degree angle.  Rakataks are often used in traditional African or neo-pagan music.

    Exploration through percussion is a natural way of connecting children to the group and developing their motor responses.  IQ Plus’s version of the Rakatak will allow young children to enjoy making sounds simply by holding the handle and rocking it back and forth in an up-down motion.  Allow time for children to explore this instrument and the unique sounds it can make, or have a set space in class so that children can try to make their own music with it. 


    IQ Plus Mini Rakatak Features:


    -  Constructed from environmentally-friendly rubber wood

    -  Produces unique rattling sounds by rocking the instrument back and forth

    -  Weighs only 0.04kg, easy to carry around and play even for young children

    -  Promotes improved motor skills and feel for rhythm