Baby Cajon

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  • Model : IQ-W025-08
    Category : Drums & Percussion

    The Cajon, more accurately spelt cajón (with an accent) originates from the tea plantations of Peru and has become synonymous with flamenco music.  However, in modern times these highly versatile drums are used in just about any musical genre.  It features deep thumping bass tones and sharp slap sounds that replicate many of the same musical benefits as a full drum set but in a single, easily-portable drum that does not require any setting up.  

    This Baby Cajon is a unique product offered by IQ Plus as it is designed to be played on one’s lap instead of on the floor as with traditional cajons.    Constructed from environmentally-friendly rubber wood, this instrument can be played individually or as part of a group.  Young musicians can enjoy making their own rhythm with real classic Cajon sounds on this instrument.


    IQ PLUS Baby Cajon Features:


    - Constructed from environmentally-friendly rubber wood

    - At 20centimeters by 23centimeters, this instrument is  at an ideal size for children 

    - Highly durable and easily portable

    - Fun for kids to play individually or as part of a group and making music together