6" Indian Drum

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  • Model : IQ-W026-02
    Category : Drums & Percussion

    The IQ Plus Indian Drum is designed to be a highly-portable drum that children can carry with them anywhere and make music with.  It is a small double-headed drum affixed with a rope handle and is easily played using a beater, which comes included. 

    This instrument encourages children to play together in a collaborative environment with their friends and other instruments, and teaches them many important skills such as rhythm, hand-eye coordination, and teamwork.  It requires no prior musical experience to play well and therefore is a beginner percussion student’s favorite drum. 


    IQ Plus Indian Drum features: 


    -  Constructed of environmentally friendly rubber wood

    -  Handle is made from nylon rope, providing a comfortable grip for children when playing

    -  Requires no prior musical experience or knowledge to play and is a very entertaining drum!

    -  6” diameter and weighs only 0.2kg

    -  Comes with a durable plastic mallet included